Kindergarten Nash-Boucher



Look at our fabulous learners! 
We had a wonderful first day.  
Thank you for sharing your children with us.
It is an amazing year!   
Mrs. NB and Miss Murphy
Here is an animation from September 12th. 
They had a chance to add a silly picture. 
What a fun class! 
Scroll down for recent pictures and videos.
  We have Specials on the following days: 

         Monday- Computer Class with Mrs. Bryant 

 Tuesday- PE with Mr. Ingram

  Wednesday – Library with Mrs. Nute

  Thursday- Art with Mrs. Valpey

                                                                 Friday- Music    

Our showcase video from 3/24. Enjoy 

STEAM in Kindergarten


Check out the play our learners wrote about reducing waste, recycling waste 
and reusing items to help our planet.  
We were learning about human impact on the environment.  Check it out, they did a great job!

Reduce Reuse Recycle Play March 17



 Jennifer Nash-Boucher
" Mrs. NB "

I have had the privilege of being a teacher for over twenty years. I have always found a special kind of magic with early learners.  The excitement of learning is contagious and  I am thrilled to be able to share and enjoy the journey with your young learners.  I spend almost all of my time outside of the classroom with my family.  I have a wonderful husband, Matthew and three fabulous daughters. I love to be outside and enjoy many activities;hiking, skiing, cooking,canoeing, diving, snorkeling and being at the ocean. I spend a lot of time as a spectator at my daughters activities and enjoy every moment of it!


Phone: 524-7146 (X-659) 

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Notices and Reminders

 Letter Order
Here is a list of when we will be introducing each letter.  Many learners come into kindergarten with a solid understanding of the alphabet.  We spend a lot of time working on correct letter formation of the letters. Correct letter formation is key to writing success.  As our school year progresses we will be doing more and more writing so it is critical to learn correct letter formation from the beginning.

September 12 - c, a                              November 1 - f, k
September 19 - o, s                              November 7 - g, j
September 26 - b, l, t                           November 14- p,q   
October 3-  i, r                                      November 28 -y,v  
October 10 - n, m                                 December 5 - w,x
October 17 - d, h                                  December 12 - z
October 24 -  e,u  

Kindergarten Sight Words
Your learners will focusing on learning the 68 GES kindergarten sight words this year.  They are the words above the line. Your learner is expected to be proficient at reading and writing all of these words by the end of the school year. The words below the line are not part of our 68 words, but are words that we frequently use in kindergarten. 

a am an and as at be bed big by but can cat cut dad did do dog

for get go going got had has he him his hot I if in into is it leg

let like look love me mom my no not on out pig play ran red run

said see she sit so ten that the to top up us we went yes you

because  was  they  of  put  was  must  then  them this  with  all  they  take  here  please  could would or have are now home

Flip flops and sandals are fun and cool for hot feet.  However, sneakers and closed toe shoes are best for school. Children are encouraged to wear closed toe shoes on the playground for their safety.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables 

All learners at GES will be provided with fresh produce daily for a snack.  We have this opportunity as part of a federally funded program for children that promotes healthy eating.  I will not be receiving a menu ahead of time it will be a fun surprise when we pick up our basket.   You are welcome to send in your own food as well. Please do your best to pack healthy choices.

STEM Challenges

We will be working on STEM projects throughout the year.  Some challenges will be done just with our class, other challenges we will team up learners from Mrs. Madore's class and Mrs. Stow's class.  Whole school STEM projects will be joined with all of our kindergarten classes ( NB, Madore, Stow, Coffey and Wagner).  There may even be STEM challenges created with the addition of  vertical learners.  This would allow your kindergarten learner to work in teams with first and second grade learners. It is very exciting when the STEM experience is enriched by the collaboration of multi age groups.   STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The essence of STEM is problem based learning,  Children are presented with a problem and design something that solves the problem.  In the process, they activate science knowledge and math skills.  They use technology to research, design, test and present their ideas. As they work together students learn and practice fool collaboration and verbal communication-key skills identified by The Partnership for 21st Century Skills.

You may be thinking, "Engineering with young children?" From the time their hands can first grasp objects, children build.  They put things together and take things apart.  They may ask how things work, but they do not accept explanations-they investigate to find out for themselves.   When faced with a challenge children look to solve it without the restrictions that we adults place on ourselves. Sometimes their first few ideas do not work.  Nothing is impossible in a child's mind, and it is this kind of thinking that allows children to create ingenious inventions.  Ask your child about it.  


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